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Competitive Workforce

Ireland has a unique workforce.  It has the youngest population in Europe with over 35% under the age of 25 years. This is reflected across Wexford, whose population is one of Europe’s youngest and fastest growing. Over 35 per cent of Wexford's population is aged 25 years or less and half the population is under the age of 35.

Wexford’s reputation as a key inward investment location is supported by the availability and calibre of a highly competitive workforce. Companies in the financial services sector and health life sciences have  pinpointed the success of their companies to people, their quality and 'can do' flexible attitude as their key asset: 

 "The Wexford workforce has a very strong ethos of innovation and can do attitude
ensuring Wexford is the preferred location for key product technology among Waters operations in the US, UK and Singapore" 

Terry O'Shea, Director of Global Operations, Waters Technologies  

Educated people

Ireland’s labour force is among the best educated in the world and labour turnover is very low compared to other major cities.

The population aged 25 – 34 with a third level qualification higher in Ireland than in the US or the UK.   Ireland ranks third in the euro area for mathematics, science and computing graduates aged 20 – 29. 

Wexford is the source of an enthusiastic and steady stream of smart, talented people for knowledge-based companies seeking a strong, English speaking workforce.

Wexford town houses the outreach campus of Carlow IT and its location in the South eastern economic zone ideally places it within easy commuting distance of  Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), the largest third level college in the south east. Access to 15,000 students provides a wealth of choice for prospective companies to graduates from higher certificate to PHD Doctorate level. 

A number of the financial services industries have reported the flexible and responsive approach to the industry’s needs has resulted in access to a large graduate skills pool with key competency and business acumen:

 "The  third level colleges will co-operate in meeting our training needs 
for whatever areas we require" 

Conor  Brennan, CEO Zurich Insurances Ireland 

Proximity to Dublin and Waterford cities gives additional acccess to a large skills pool of graduates.  Strategic proximity to the capital to internationally renowned universities provide key research opportunities and potential for collaboration with industry.   Trinity College is listed as one of the top 50 universities in the world and  its stewardship is governed by head provost and Wexford man,  Dr. Paddy Prendergast .


Wexford means business - to let us know how we can help relocate your business here contact:
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